About us

Cennox is a leader, with 25 years of industry experience within the ATM, banking, and gaming industries. Our clients span the globe in more than 50 countries covering multiple markets with a variety of solutions. We are industry experts at providing high quality parts, whole ATMs, bank hardware, supplies, field service solutions, logistics and training that shape and support retail, financial, and gaming industries.

Our constant drive to remain at the forefront of an ever-changing industry has produced an unrivaled ability to provide our partners with authentic solutions. From logistics to training, our industry experts work closely with our partners to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and maximize Return on Investment.

We pride ourselves on maintaining partnerships with some of the largest financial institutions and ATM service bureaus throughout the world. Our partners include some of the largest service organizations in the world. Our desire to provide the highest quality service has resulted in quality control and inventory management standards to ensure an unrivaled level of service.