Wrist Body Temperature Scanner & Automatic Hand Sanitizing Dispenser

Wrist Body Temperature Scanner & Automatic Hand Sanitizing Dispenser


The infrared body temperature detector combines a professional IPS screen and a built-in high precision infrared temperature sensor, which can quickly measure temperature in the detection area to ensure accurate and efficient temp. Users only need to place their wrist or forehead near the detection point can quickly and accurately identify their temp. And after auto-distinguishing the temp-value, it will not fluctuate with the distance, and the stability is excellent.  It can be targeted at dense crowds in public places to realize non-contact measurement and screening. Abnormal temp can be detected and alarmed in time to implement rapid intervention and emergency measures to prevent  virus epidemics in public places where there is a danger of widespread spread of infected persons.

  • Disinfect at same time
  • 7" IPS screen
  • Alarm counts normal/abnormal temp
  • Adjustable alarm temp
  • Threshold sound/visual alarming
  • Realtime broadcast for normal/abnormal temp
  • Export data via excel file for better data statistics

    Color: white

    Size: 63" x 16" x 11"

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